Check for errors in your health record

You have the right to access your health record. We make it safe, easy and free for seniors.

Four reasons you should check your health record

Insurance denials


of drug lists on electronic records are inaccurate1 leading to possible insurance denials.

Medical identity theft


medical identities are stolen in the US to be misused for opioids and other crimes2.

Drug reactions


emergency room visits, and 350,000 hospitalizations are directly linked to adverse 
drug reactions3.

Billing errors


per year is overcharged by healthcare companies, directly affecting patients’ out of 
pocket costs4.

Your health data
belongs to you

We will import it only with your permission
We will store it safely and securely
We will not share it without your approval
We will delete it any time you request

There is no cost to you

CheckMyHealthRecord is a service for seniors that is brought to you by Health IQ.

For Seniors:

There is no cost, direct or hidden, to use this service
There is no subscription needed to keep accessing your health record
There is no obligation; you may opt out at any time.
Learn more about Our Mission.

How does it work?

Step 1:
Find your health record

We need a few basic details to look up your health record.

Step 2:
Check for errors

Carefully review your report to see if there are any mistakes.

Step 3:
File corrections

If you find errors, we'll walk you through how to dispute them.

What's in my health record?

Your Prescriptions

Find prescriptions filled in your name in one place. You can also add your over-the-counter medications, like vitamins and supplements, to make your health record more accurate. You may also uncover common errors, such as finding drugs that you have not actually used.

Your Pharmacies

Your health record includes all pharmacies that have filled a prescription in your name. As the source of drugs, including opioids, pharmacies are a focal point for many problems with patients’ health records.

And much more coming soon

Our mission is to ensure that every senior has the right to access their accurate and complete health record, and to be accurately assessed by healthcare and insurance companies.

CheckMyHealthRecord is a service backed by Health IQ, which is working towards improving health literacy throughout the world. Together, we believe that managing your health record is a critical aspect of improving your health literacy.

CheckMyHealthRecord is brought to you by HealthIQ, which is a Medicare Licensed entity in all 50 states and a licensed third party administrator trusted by the government to handle sensitive health data in a compliant and secure manner.


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