Check your health record & dispute errors in just minutes

Checking your health record is fast, easy and free with CheckMyHealthRecord. You deserve access to your health information, and we help you make sure your record is as accurate as possible.

Let's Get Started

Step 1:
Find your health record

Sign up for an account to retrieve your health record.

Step 2:
Check for errors

Review your prescriptions, healthcare providers and pharmacies. This is your chance to confirm items in your health record or mark them as incorrect.

Step 3:
File corrections

Once you’ve identified any errors in your health record, we’ll walk you through how to get these errors corrected.

Manage your information

View your health record any time. We’ll notify you when it’s time to check for updates to your health record again.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch.

There is no catch. Our mission is to ensure every senior has the right to access their accurate and complete health record, and be accurately assessed by insurance companies. That’s why we offer this service at no cost, and have taken extra measures to ensure your record is available to you and only you.

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Get Personalized Tips

Once you’ve reviewed your health record, you can choose the specific types of health information you’d like to receive in your MyRxMail™ newsletter.

Refer Friends & Family

Help others who are 64+ find and dispute errors on their health records, identify potential medical identity theft, watch out for potential drug interactions, and more.

Provide Valuable Feedback

Your voice matters. CheckMyHealthRecord can also be an avenue to provide direct, anonymous feedback to your healthcare providers and pharmacies, and about the prescriptions you take.

Explore Health Insurance Options

See if you could save on Medicare costs or find a plan in your area that offers the benefits that best fit your needs.