Checking Your Health Record Puts You in Control

You check your credit report, right? Yes, because you deserve to know what information financial institutions can see about you. You also have the right to see what information healthcare providers and insurance companies report about you.

There is a good chance your health record could be wrong.

1 out of 51 people find mistakes in their health report.

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One Health Record, One Website

You have the right to view and access your health record. However, when you try to access your health records, you generally must request access from each provider separately. With CheckMyHealthRecord, you can view your prescriptions, doctors and pharmacies in one place, within minutes.

4 ways an Accurate Health Record Could Change Your Life

When you check your health record, you’ll be able to dispute errors you find. Having a more accurate health record gives you more power over your health-related decisions. You could be able to:

1. Avoid medical identity theft.

2. Avoid getting denied for insurance coverage.

3. Prevent drug interactions.
4. Stop paying more than you should.


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